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General Information and terms for International Orders

We appreciate international customers, and welcome their orders. However, sometimes it is impossible to accurately predict shipping charges. Therefore, the following terms must be agreed to prior to placing an order for a shipment outside of the United States.

1. In most situations, shipping by USPS (United States Postal Service) is the most economical shipping method internationally. Therefore our shipping option table only lists that choice. Please choose either air, surface, or express mail delivery based on your needs and budget. To get an idea of the time it should take to receive your package, please visit the web site at www.usps.com, however keep in mind that those delivery times are only estimates, and often packages take longer to arrive, considering the fact that we have two different postal systems, and your country's customs department, handling the package.

2. We are obligated to accurately complete a customs form before handing your package to the U.S. Postal Service. Please do not ask us to commit postal fraud by declaring your package as a gift, or as a false low value, in order to escape whatever tax or duty the package you are importing will be charged. We cannot do that.

3. The U.S. Postal Service will not allow us to insure packages to certain countries, for example our good neighbors in Mexico (and many others). We will not ship high valued merchandise (subject to our interpretation) to those countries.

4. There are package size restrictions to many international countries. Just as an example, we cannot ship a full case of star cases to probably 90% of the world without reboxing it into 2 separate boxes. The reason is that a common restriction is that a package cannot exceed a 79 inch "length + girth" limit, and the star case is almost 84 inches. Therefore, we need to repackage some large packages into two smaller packages, and since the first pound of weight is always the most expensive, the shopping cart will often show an inaccurate postage cost. We reserve the right to charge your card for the extra postage if necessary. If you disagree with our right to do so, please email us prior to placing your order for a postage quote.

5. Due to the fragile nature of many of our items, and the high cost of replacement shipping, we reserve the right to:

a. decline to ship certain fragile items to international addresses, for example acrylic items, and

b. if we do ship items to an international address, and it arrives damaged, we will only issue a refund for the item, rather than replace the item. If there is considerable damage, we will need your cooperation in filing an insurance claim prior to giving a refund.

6. We do not accept checks from any international country. Payment must be in the form of credit card, PayPal, international money order, or U.S. cash.

7. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.

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